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FUNGI Magazine Editorial Board

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief:

Britt A. Bunyard

Production Editor:

Jan Hammond

Editorial Review:

Cathy Cripps · Montana State University
Harold Keller · The Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Lawrence M. Leonard, M.D. Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME
Nicholas Money · Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Michael Nicholson · Oxnard College, California
David Pilz PilzWald-Forestry Applications of Mycology, Susanville, CA
Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfecti
Scott Redhead · Agriculture Canada, Ottawa
Else Vellinga ·   University of California, Berkeley
Andrus Voitk · Foray Newfoundland and Labrador
Art Goodtimes · Poetry Editor for Numerous Publications including FUNGI.



Contributing Editors:

Michael Beug
David Dennis
Deborah Jansen
Harold W. Keller, PhD
Lawrence Millman
David Rose
Elinoar Shavit
Steve Trudell
James Tunney
Else Vellinga
Michael Wood
Denis R. Benjamin
Albert J. Casciero
Robert Dale Rogers
Mark Spear
Steve Trudell
James Tunney

All inquiries (Advertising, Editorial, Subscriptions) contact us at:


P. O. Box 8
1925 Hwy. 175
Richfield, Wisconsin 53076-0008 USA
Website: (this site)

Publisher’s Notes: Although many wild mushrooms are quite palatable, some are deadly poisonous. It is advisable to avoid eating any wild organisms, including fungi, unless absolutely certain of identification. And, although some mushroom species are edible for many people, those same species may cause allergic reactions or illness in others. When in doubt, throw it out. It is a good idea to have any wild mushrooms checked by an expert before eating them. It should be understood that the Publisher and all Editors are not responsible for any consequences of ingesting wild mushrooms. Furthermore, the Publisher and all Editors are not engaged, herein, in the rendering of any medical advice or services. All readers should verify all information and data before administering any drug, therapy or treatment discussed herein. Neither the Editors nor the Publisher accepts any responsibility for the accuracy of the information or consequences from the use or misuse of the information contained herein. Unauthorized reproduction of published content of FUNGI is strictly forbidden and permission for reproduction must be obtained by application in writing to the Publisher.



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