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In This Issue
Vol. 9 No.4 : Winter 2017

The Worms are Coming!
The Worms are Coming!
(too late, they're already here)
by Britt A. Bunyard

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The First Report of
Amauroderma from Florida
by Neil R. Dollinger and Dr. Josef Vlasák

Small Wonders:
Sarea resinae
by Lawrence Millman



Tricholoma equestre (=T. flavovirens):
Edible or not?
by Denis R. Benjamin


Also in this Issue of FUNGI:
  • Editor’s Letter

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Poetry:
    An Ally Underground
    by Bill Dill

  • Fiction:
    Anna Karenina
    by Lawrence Millman

  • The "Mycobiome”
    by Jonathan Reisman MD

  • Poetry:
    Fruiting Bodies
    by Stewart S. Warren

  • 10 Years of the
    Mushroom Observer

    by Nathan Wilson

  • Filamentous Foes and Mycological Maladies:
    Rusts part 1 of 3
    by Alan R. Biggs

  • Poetry:
    Iron County
    by CB Follett ('Lyn)

  • Mushrooming in
    Tolstoy’s World…
    or, Tolstoy on Mushrooms

    by Bob Blaisdell

  • The Pasadena Ski
    & Nature Park
    by Andrus Voitk & Henry Mann

  • The Arctic Mycota
    of Signal Hill
    by Andrus & Maria Voitk

  • Salute to the National Parks: Gros Morne
    by Michael Burzynski

  • Editor's Picks:
    A Roundup of the Latest in
    Mycological Research

  • Photographer's Focus:
    Camera Support When Photographing Mushrooms
    by Edward Matisoff

  • Bookshelf Fungi:
    Reviews of the Latest in Mycological Literature

  • Unusual Sightings:
    Peziza ammophila


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