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In This Issue
Vol. 8 No.5 : Mid-Winter 2016

Mushroom of the Year... or Millenium?

by Jorma Palmén

2x2 Image


Unusual Sightings
by Fred Rhoades



Making Sense of Color
by Ron Petersen
Also in this Issue of FUNGI:
  • Editor’s Letter

  • Letters to the Editor

  • In Memoriam:
    Lee Barzee

  • In Memoriam:
    Gaston Guzman

  • Home Cultivator:
    Reishi Mushroom Cultivation
    by Paul Stamets
    & Andrew Lenzer

  • Foes and Maladies:
    Root and Butt Rots Caused by
    Inonotus spp.
    by Alan R. Biggs

  • Editor’s Picks

  • Poetry: Hard
    by Ann Huang

  • Bioprospectors Discover the Perfect Natural Aphrodisiac in Alaskan Forests
    by Denis R. Benjamin, MD

  • Poetry: Highway 26
    by Pat Kennelly

  • The War of the Mushrooms
    by Frank Dugan 
  • Salute to the National Parks:
    Mushrooms in Death Valley
    by Britt Bunyard

  • Tricholoma murrillianum:
    A confused path, with an
    uncertain future
    by Noah Siegel

  • Essay: Desperately Seeking
    by David Campbell

  • Poetry: Foray
    by Art Goodtimes

  • Essay: How Not to Confuse a
    Green-Gilled Parasol
    by Alan Muskat

  • Poetry: Crimini
    by Judith Skillman

  • Unusual Sightings:
    Dendrocollybia racemosa
    (our cover feature)
    by Fred Rhoades

  • BONUS!
    3D phantogram of our cover mushroom by Fred Rhoades.
    Get your 3D glasses and enjoy!

  • Bookshelf Fungi:
    a review of the latest in mycological literature




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