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In This Issue
Vol. 6 No.5 : Spring 2014

FUNGI goes to the Movies! Special Online Feature: Evolutionary Masterpieces
They may not be on the silver screen, but these amazing YouTube videos, courtesy of Dr. Nicholas Money of Miami University, Ohio,
deserve an Oscar in their own right!
Film Strip
Splashes by raindrops
in Bird's Nest Fungi

The Hat-Thrower,

Compression by raindrops in
Earth-Stars and Puffballs
in Artillery Fungus
Also in this Issue of FUNGI:
  • Editor’s Letter

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Ascomycetes, What Are They?
    by Michael W. Beug

  • Editor’s Picks

  • Lexicon for Mushroom Tasting
    by Denis R. Benjamin

  • Distinct Odors
    by Robert M. Hallock
    and Maura LaBrecque

  • California Mushrooms: Chromosera, A Tale
    of Many Names

    by Michael G. Wood  

  • Mycolegium: The New North American Mushroom
    Species of 2013
    by Else C. Vellinga
  • Foes and Maladies:
    Paradigms Lost—
    Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck
    by Alan R. Biggs

  • Circus Fungorum:
    The Aesthetics of
    Fungal Movement

    by Nicholas P. Money 

  • Wild Epicure:
    Back to the Classics
    by Albert J. Casciero

  • Bookshelf Fungi

  • Essay: My Greatest Foray
    by Van Bialon

  • Photographer’s Focus: Essential Equipment for Mushroom Photography, part II. Beyond Cameras and Lenses
    by Edward Matisoff

  • Unusual Sightings:
    Tricholoma huronense

Bird Nest Fungi Artillery Fungus Earth-Stars and Puffballs The Hat Thrower

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